About Us

Environmental Education for the Next Generation (EENG) is a non-profit organization spreading environmental awareness among youth. We train undergraduate college students to work closely with elementary schools across the US. Our main programs aim to:

1) Cultivate critical thinking among youth about the world that they live in

2) Inspire and educate youth to take action and make a positive impact in their communities

3) Foster youth-to-youth mentorship and empathy

4) Develop youth to become global leaders of tomorrow

EENG works directly with teachers to support their curricular needs. We want to ensure a rich learning experience for elementary school students, therefore, we typically accommodate the needs of the teacher and create unique programs for the different classes we work with.

Mission Statement

By supply free youth-to-youth environmental education in our public school systems, we aim to create real, sustainable communities from the bottom up.

EENG was founded based on the idea that systematic change comes from the bottom up. Given the White House’s new report showing the increasingly devastating impact of climate change, we must create real change on a large scale. To do that, our idea is to start early with children to educate and raise awareness about our environment using real world examples. All our programs are highly interactive and aim to inspire curiosity among youth about our world.

In addition, the strain on public school resources are at an all time high. We’ve lost thousands of teachers and children aren’t getting the public education that they should be. Our program aims to support our teachers in the best way we can.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve worked with over 30,000 youth across the country. We’ve worked at all corners of the world, and focus particularly on schools that lack severely in teaching resources. Our goal is that all youth, regardless of demographic background, get the same educational opportunities. All our college undergraduates devote their time voluntarily into the program.¬†EENG is grateful for all the support (financially and non-financially) to our cause, and we look forward to developing the program further.

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